Getting Ready – The Peace City 3d Show


Hello again :)

As part of our world record campaign we’ll be doing a show. Why? ┬áThere are two reasons:

Because a video says more than 1000 words.

Besides …

  1. We want to feature you, the people who make a difference,  the dreamchasers and trendsetters, the visionary leaders and innovators, the artists and youtubers
  2. We’ll use the show a platform to share updates of the campaign with you
  3. We want to show you the best ideas, innovations, music, movies, art, charities and other amazing things we find


There is another motivation to do this show:

The other day I was eating my breakfast and the TV was on. Suddenly someone on the morning show said: ” Is your breakfast gonna kill you? We’ll tell you after the commercial break ….”

I was chewing my sandwich and froze for moment. Really? I know that sensationalism gets you ratings but it would be nice to have other kinds of news. Great people who do amazing things that move our world forward. People who make a difference. We want our show to become a place for Good News and great people.

Today I was talking to a company that is bringing super healthy food inside of cutting edge vending machines to America’s schools and other places. (More about that later.) I love this idea because we are what we eat. And kids should have access to a healthy diet.

I feel that our society should have access to a healthy media diet. Something that lifts you up, makes you smile, something that shows you all the amazing things people are doing around us. This is what our show is all about. It will follow us as we are going for the world record and you’ll meet fascinating and exciting people and their ideas, creativity, art, innovations and more along the way.

Of course it needs to be fun to watch so we are working on getting some really cool prizes for you to win.

We are currently working on the pilot of the show and I will keep you posted about how it’s going.

Now I’m off to a meeting.

Have a healthy day!




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