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For people who turn on the evening news and think, “WHAT?!”, Peace City is a commUNITY that feels like an oasis. A home to connect with some of the most special people of our time. A media network that puts a spotlight on the HERO STORIES of the Transformation Generation. 1 in 7 people belong to this group. Chances are, YOU’re one of them. And unlike the shock & and awe that’s polluting our screens & spirits, Peace City serves up a healthy dose of optimism that’s gonna make you wanna kiss your screen. Lean back and enjoy, lean in and engage or connect in real life. Welcome To Peace City.
PEACE CITY has launched and we’re inviting you onboard! We’re a global commUNITY from 193 countries,  the same number of states as the United Nations. Peace City is growing 300 times faster than an average of  78 million social communities.
Peace City is an advanced global media network, that uses social media, video and even virtual reality on a mission to share the HERO STORIES of the transformation generation.,
A new culture is emerging – 1 billion people. Their name: the TRANSFORMATION GENERATION. What they have in common is not age or origin. It’s values: They think bigger, act bolder, move faster and dare to dream louder.
Peace City is building a HOME for this transformation generation. They’re people who CARE about self & others, they respect Mother Nature, they want their kids to be safe and the future to be joyful and sustainable.
The heroes of this Gen T want MORE: More UNITY, more DIVERSITY, more EQUALITY, more SUSTAINABILITY and INCLUSION of people from all walks of life.
“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that we aim too low and we reach it.”

- Michelangelo