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Welcome to Dream Town in Peace City - A Place For Your Fun & Entertaining Events, Breathtaking Places For your  Private Events Or For A Community Of Your Own.

A place for fun, self discovery and entertainment.

Using cutting edge 3d to capture a multi-dimensional, multi faceted experience, Peace City features the idyllic "Dreamtown", home of the Peace City 3D Show, made in Hollywood as well as the Dream Castle (Chateau de reves). In Dreamtown messages by Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez and many others encourage "residents" to pursue their dream. At the top of "Dreamtown" visitors find the Victory tower. This is where all ambitions have been achieved. Hundreds of meters above "Dreamtown" the Victory tower is situated on a tiny ground surface. A metaphor for the vulnerable position of living the good life and the fragile balance required to remain "up there". From the victory tower a glass path leads to all parts of town but without railing. Without care, one can easily, fall down and end up back on the ground in "Dreamtown".



Egyptian Plaza


Movie Theater



Legacy Sites

Explore in a new way the legacy of visionaries, celebrities, scientists and every day people



Peace City Castle of Dreams


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